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Monthly Webinar

Dear Scar Community ! 


We will be launching a new series of Education Workshop for the first semester of 2023.


Different topic will be adresses:

- Burn Scar (February)

- How to prevent bad scarring (April)

- Dermal substitute (May)


Register here to be part of this education workshop -- Registration here --


If you missed our last years webinar, please find below the link to watch the replays.


G-ScarS Webinar #1: Scar Mechanotherapy

G-ScarS Webinar #2: Surgery and Scars

G-ScarS Webinar #3: Skin substitute and artificial dermis

G-ScarS Webinar #4: Lasers for Scars

G-ScarS Webinar #5: Scarring management: from simple to high tech

G-ScarS Webinar #6: Advanced versus conventional scar therapies

G-ScarS Webinar #7: Scar’less’ healing: is it in our fingertips or just a pinprick away?

G-ScarS Webinar #8: Scar Mechanotherapy vs Bioengineering

G-ScarS Webinar #9: Laser in inflammatory post op scars




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