G-ScarS presentation


The Global Scar Society is founded in connexion to the Scar Club, issuing from a series of transdisciplinary reflexions on the best possible strategies concerning scar management in all parts of the world.


Hypertrophic scars, keloids, scar atrophy and other types of pathologic scarrings lead to poor cosmetic and functional outcomes. The Global Scar Society aims to group all disciplines and actors in the field promoting either mechanical or/and chemical approaches leading to normalise the patient life.


The G-ScarS will help to evaluate and validate these strategies.





  • Promote the scar management and prevention
  • Develop researches in pathologic scarring
  • Develop educational and informational supports (monographs, journals, guidelines)
  • Organise conférences and symposia in all parts of the world
  • Develop a website to offer member lists of contacts in each represented countries
  • Propose an international assistance service for specific problems


2024  G-ScarS