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Scar Club meeting

7th International Scar Club Meeting

22-23 June 2017, Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier, France

Scars : Functional, cosmetic and psychologic management


Call for abstract, until 31 May 2017 : Abstract submission form




Thursday, June 22

08.30am-09.00am Introduction  
09.00am-10.00am Pathology and genetic analysis of keloids Chao-Kai Hsu
  Brachytherapy for keloids Ioannis Goutos
  Biologics scar management: what is new? Alexis Desmoulière
  Systemic and local factors of scar biology Magda Ulrich
10.00am-10.30am Coffee break  
10.30am-11.15am Luminotherapy in scarring Franco Bassetto
  Topical erythropoietin: an innovative formulation for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer Saher Hamed
  Reduction of forces exerted on the wound edges during the postoperative period Luc Téot
11.15am-11.45am Lecture n°1, Progess in understanding mechnisme of silicone gel efficacy and potential new thérapies for scar reduction Thomas Mustoe
11.45am-12.45am Symposium Neodyne Kelley Lipman
12.45am-02.00pm Lunch break  
02.00pm-02.30pm Patient session   
02.30pm-03.15pm Lasers for hypertrophic scars and keloids - which wavelenght for which indication, possible protocols Gerd Gauglitz
  Prevention of pathological scarring with lasers - quod vadis? Gerd Gauglitz
  Clinical evaluation of a diode laser 1210 nm on post-surgical scar: results of the SLASH RCT Serge Bohbot
03.15pm-03.45pm Lecture n° 2, Progress in cellular substitutes Esther Middelkoop
03.45pm-04.15pm Coffee break   
04.15pm-04.45pm Lecture n° 3, Endothelial dysfunction may play a key role in keloid and hypertrophic scar pathogenesis - Keloids and hypertrophic scars may be vascular disorders Rei Ogawa
04.45pm-06.00pm Oral presentations  
  The FLIR ONE thermal imager for the assessment of burn wounds: reliability and validity study Michelle Carrière
  Bio availibility of scarred skin during application of a vaso-active substance Jill Meirte
  Measurement of the tension reduction effect of the dermis after deep fascia suturing of the pectoralis major muscle in surgery for anterior chest wall keloids Reina Ando
  Differential diagnosis of earlobe keloids Chiemi Kaku
  Cosmetic and psychological effectiveness of rehabilitation make-up for post-burn scar patients Naho Fujii
  The effect of shock wave therapy on burn scars, a randomized comparative trial Mieke Anthonissen
  The effect of tranilast 8% Liposomal Gel versus placebo on postcesarean surgical scars: A prospective double blind split-scar study Libi Kohavi
06.00pm-07.00pm Symposium Alliance Pharma, Update on scar management - Prevention and treatment Gerd Gauglitz
07.00pm-08.00pm Welcome reception  


Friday, June 23

08.30am-09.45am Introduction of Chinese guideline of keloid therapy Wei Liu
  Micro-needling Peter Moortgat
  Rehabilitation technics Thierry Niederberger
  Scar management using narrow sutures Mohammed Al Azraq
  Steroid tape for pathologic scars Ioannis Goutos
09.45am-10.15am Coffee break  
10.15am-11.15am History of keloids in dermatology Sylvie Meaume
  Psychological management Marthe Egberts
  Psychological effects of burn scars with children Koen Maertens
  Project POSAS 3.0: the official update of the POSAS Michelle Carrière
11.15am-12.15am Symposium Klox Technologies, A prospective randomized study evaluating the safety and efficacy of LumiHealTM when compared with silicone sheet in the treatment of surgical wounds Andreas Nikolis
12.15am-01.15pm Lunch break  
01.15pm-02.15pm Keloid scarring or chronic desease: a benign yet aggressive skin tumour Ardeshir Bayat
02.15pm-03.30pm Propeller flaps Christian Herlin
  Large surgery for pathological scars Rei Ogawa
  Skin replacement vs conservative therapy Luc Téot
  Management of hypertrophic scar in burn patient: new technology to improve compression garment Audrey Leduc
  Pathologic scars and compressive therapy Marguerite Masanovic
03.30pm-04.00pm Oral présentations  
  Analysis of questionnaire results in a scar/keloid clinic in Nippon Medical School Eri Toyohara
  Beneficial role endermologie as a mechanotherapy Clelia Monteux
  Subjective and objective evaluation of post stitching linear scars Mohammed Al Azraq
04.00pm-04.30pm "Scar Education Programs" around the world:  
  - French diploma Luc Téot 
  - Scar Academy Koen Maertens
  - G-ScarS meeting Wei Liu
  - European Centers Nicolas Frasson
  - Training programs Esther Middelkoop
  - Yonsei University Ju Hee Lee
04.30pm-05.00pm Conclusions  


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